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Air-Glaciers, Collombey.    Print version

 Last update/by 27.07.2014 21:23 LT/ls
 Responsible station Contact
 Last comment 19.05.2014 21:19 LT
 Name Air-Glaciers, Collombey.
 Code LSHC
 Country/Region Switzerland/VS
 City Collombey
 Phone +41 24 473.70.70.
 Ambulance Transfer not necessary
 National grid 563.050/124.220
 Elevation (ft) 1280
 Helipad (obstacles see below)
 Max. allowable mass 5 tons
 Surface Concrete
 Windcone Yes
 Fuel Yes on request
 Night operation yes
 Lighting Yes
 Activation frq/phone H1, 159,675 Mhz
 Activation tones 51199
 Lighting cycles None
 Frequency H1, K,
 Radio channel/
Air-Glaciers 70
 Airspace information
 Airspace info LSGB Freq. 122,15Mhz
 Special procedures PPR By phone or rdo
 Approach from Initial approach from east.
 Departure direction Direction east
 Area weather info Air-Glaciers Collombey

 Permanent obstacles
 Temporary obstacles and comments
 19.05.2014 21:19 LT / ls Preferencial approach from East. Approach from West, (From Monthey hospital) maintain 2000ft until overhead Helipad. Caution due of vincinity of LSGB
 24.10.2013 16:23 LT / rac 2 Unlighted cranes located 200 West of helipad

Safety risks Long time since last update ( Both) How to deal with ...

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